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Solution for place to mount mirrors on F40

After upgrading my P38 to F40 just were was I going to mount my mirror!
I thought that the mount for the windshield could be a good place to add attachment for mirrors!
I also used it for a right and left mirror and mounted my computer there also!

I would have uploaded a picture but found no way to do it!

Hello Jerry -

I have gotten lazy about updating the photo collection on this site. Please forgive me for not including your picture. What Jerry did: There is a flat aluminum strip that ordinarily attaches to the F40 fiberglass fairing in front, and extends backward to support the F40 windshield. Jerry used an aluminum tube, mounted at right angles to the flat aluminum strip, as an attachment point for a pair of rear-view mirrors. I think that they are Mirrycle mirrors, and they work very well. (The tube also is a place to mount a computer.)

I am always blabbling endlessly about the importance of SEEING and BEING SEEN for cyclist safety. (Bryan Ball of Bentrideronline kicked me off his site some years ago for talking too much about recumbent safety issues, especially those involving ultra-low trikes and low racer bikes.) There are plenty of motorists out there who are NOT PAYING ATTENTION to you. Because of this, cyclists who want to continue living need to be able to scan their surroundings for potential threats, and do whatever they can to make themselves seen. Mirrors help with situational awareness, flashing lights and reflective tape help with making yourself more easily seen. Jerry's rear-view mirror mounting tube is a good step in this direction.

End of rant.

Safe riding,


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