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I've been riding my P-38 since I bought it in March using Crank Brothers 5050 pedals and tennis shoes. I generally rode with the center bottom of my foot on the pedal. I transitioned to my SPD pedals and matching shoes for the first time yesterday. After some boom adjustments when riding i noticed more of a bend in my foot as more of the front of my foot is on the pedal. I also developed "hot foot" after about 25 miles. The clips on my pedals are as far back as they go.

Any thoughts on how to alleviate or are the biking shoes with the clip to be on more toward center of foot.

The traditional approach to using clipless pedals on upright bikes is to have the foot contact the pedal close to the ball of the foot. Some recumbent riders report getting better results by shifting the contact point lower down, more towards the middle of the foot. Like you and your tennis shoe approach. To shift the contact point downward more, you may have to start drilling extra holes in the shoes. I have had good luck using the traditional ball-of-foot approach.

You might solve the hot foot problem with a) shoes with stiffer soles or b) pedals with a larger contact area, or both a) and b). With pedals, it is commonplace to go through a period of experimentation until you find something that feels good to you. For me, ordinary Shimano SPD pedals and inexpensive mountain bike shoes (so the cleat can be recessed and not interfere with walking)_have always worked fine.

One other tip: your feet swell when you ride. If you lace your shoes so that the tightness feels right at the beginning of the ride, the shoes may be too tight after riding awhile. Circulation can be cut off. So err on the side of loose lacing.

Safe riding,

I use Shimano road shoes with traditional 105 SPD-SL pedals with (yellow) cleats. The same setup as my road bike days... The only difference is that, now that I'm on the P-38 in the recumbent position, the cleats are adjusted as far back as allowed by the design. My experience has been that the bike is much more responsive and peppy with road shoes, pedals, and cleats.

I have tried various mountain shoes with different pedals and their associated cleat systems (Shimano PD-M520 and PD-M530, Speedplay Frogs, Crank Brothers Mallets). I have always come back to the road SPD-SL pedals and cleats.

I did have a shoe repair shop install a non-slip heel in place of the regular one on my road shoes. It looks just fine and weighs nothing. You wouldn't notice it unless I pointed out the modification. It takes care of the problem of the foot slipping. That was the only reason I kept trying mountain shoes.


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