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Saw an Odd Lightning Bicycle (pics)

Hi Folks,

I saw this unusual looking Lightning lowrider at Mount Airy Bicycles in Maryland last month. It's the red one in the foreground on these pictures:

It's obviously missing some parts. I didn't have the time to find someone and ask about this machine, but I am curious about it. It looks a little like the White Lightning or the U2 shown on the introductory page of this forum.

Anyone know more of the details?


Scott C. in Cary, NC USA

Hi Scott,

There is a recumbent company in the Netherlands called M5, run by a guy named Bram Moens. You can visit their website at:

Lightning has imported some of the M5 bikes, modified them a bit, and sold them under the Lightning name. Although the pictures you provided are not the clearest, it looks like a Lightning-branded M5 bike to me. Not sure which model.

And yes, it definitely is missing a few important parts.

Safe riding,
Joel Dickman

In a way, it sort of looks like a prototype of the the "U-2" low racer Tim Brummer at Lighting was playing around with until the "upright" cyclists banned him. The photo is at

Bob Krzewinski


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